Fill out the form below, call or email us to connect, and we'll provide you with the latest fundraising info. 
From there, we will work together to determine your fundraising goals, dates and details.


NEW, Online Fundraising!

With the changes that 2020 and 2021 have presented us with, we realized that it was time for us to change up our fundraising program, making it easier and more accessible. We were excited to launch this new program in September 2020. Moving your fundraising sales online makes it easy for you to promote your fundraiser and sell products, wherever you are. We manage the online sales, payments and administration for you! No more chasing down Aunt Karen for a cheque and getting it to your team leader before the deadline - now you can spend more quality time together - enjoying delicious Nossack products!

How do we start a fundraiser?

Fill out the Get Started Form or give us a call /shoot us an email, and we'll provide you with the latest fundraising options. From there, we will work together to determine your fundraising goals, dates and details.

Click here for a fillable PDF.

How long will our fundraiser go on?

It's up to you! We suggest 10-16 days, as we have found that running the fundraiser over 2 weekends works really well! Promoting your fundraiser via your social media channels and connecting with us is KEY to a successful campaign!

When do we pay for our fundraising order?

Our new online system means you don't have to pay upfront or worry about collecting and tracking payments. When you come to pick up your order (or have it delivered) we'll have a cheque ready for you! We also have a 'giant cheque' for photos, so be sure to bring those smiles when you pick up your order!

When do we pick up our fundraising order?

Fundraising orders take 10 days to process. We will be sure to arrange your pick up date at the beginning of your fundraiser, so that planning for pick up / delivery is set and advertised to your supporters.

Have your volunteers prearranged and ready to help. We will supply you an Order Report to stay organized during your Fundraiser Box distribution!

Can our fundraising order be delivered?

Delivery of your (full, completed) Fundraiser is available and subject to a delivery fee. The delivery date will be arranged in advance, but timing will depend on location and truck delivery routes. We can provide an estimated delivery window that morning, just give us a call. *Please note that we do not offer individual order deliveries - only the full, competed Fundraiser Box order can be delivered to one location.*

Where can I find your Policies?

Click here to view our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Return Policy

Help! My question wasn't answered here!

That's okay - we love answering your questions. Visit our Contact Page to send us an email, or give us a call 403-346-5006.

Are the products Gluten Free?

Gluten is not listed as an allergen on the majority of the items that are available in our Fundraiser Boxes at this time. As per federal regulations, because the facility does process items with gluten, products cannot be labeled as gluten free. Procedures are in place to avoid cross contamination of products and allergens present in the facility. For more details information, please visit the Products page, and click on the product image for a link to the Nutritional Information. If you have questions, please Contact Us